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Vaahtera is a textile studio that has a purpose driven ethos and was founded as a mission-based business.  We are motivated by the idea of design and its potential impact.  We want to provide high quality textiles that make people feel good in their space but believe the positive effects shouldn't stop there. 

The word Vaahtera, in Finnish, means Maple. It symbolizes balance, offering, longevity and generosity. 

Vaahtera is committed to community support and we believe that a good education is the foundation for a thriving community.  When you purchase our fabrics, you are creating a more equitable education for children as 30% of the profits from every yard of fabric sold will be donated to local non profits that work towards leveling the education gap.  The current recipient of these donations is NAZ, the Northside Achievement Zone.

Consideration for the environment and sustainability is taken into account in all aspects of the design process and production.  We value clean air, water and soil and are conscious of the negative impact that the textile industry can have on the environment.  The predominant fiber we use in our textiles is sustainable, fair trade, certified Irish linen that can be traced from the weaver all the way back to the field.  Our patterns are printed with water based dyes and inks.  All of our operations are approached with sustainability in mind and we are always looking for new ways we can further our efforts.

Vaahtera stewards the tradition of hand and screen printing and we appreciate the unique qualities these methods impart on the fabric.  We value the relationships we have with the skilled artisans that bring our patterns to life.  Their passion and dedication to traditional craftsmanship is evident in the work they produce. We are proud to be a part of the industry that is still making things this way. 

Vaahtera was founded by textile designer, Laura Tuhkanen.  After almost 2 decades of designing textiles for the apparel industry, she made the pivot into designing for her true passion, interiors.  Her work is very connected to her Finnish roots. Her patterns are inspired by the life around her just as much as she is influenced by designs of the past.  Her designs are created, with the intention, to become a part of the layered collective of pieces that make a space feel welcoming. Patterns that you and your family will remember years down the line. Patterns that become a piece of the story, and memory, of your home.